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Offer for an Online Bimbofication Training

I am looking for the woman(*), who wants to be bimbofied and accordingly trained as perfect sexy and seductive beauty with that cheap sluttish look. This not only includes your appearance, but also your inside such as mind, attitude and behaviour. I offer online training, where we will reach this sublime goal. Step by step, I take control over your life, and you will become that happy bimbo doll you always wanted to be.  
Pink shoes, high stiletto heels for the perfect bimbo...

  You ...
  • are eager to give the lead to someone, who will transform you into a cheap horny sexy bimbo doll
  • have a submissive nature
  • strive after being totally controlled
  • are obedient
  • get thrilled just by thinking about being exposed
  •   Wonderful lips and matching fingernails

    I ...

  • will guide and assist your bimbofication
  • will draft an individual training schedule for you
  • will keep you busy with your programme
  • respect you as person and your dignity

    Our Goal

  • You will be made my sexy doll, with an artificial appearance.
  • In public, you will always attract attention.
  • Your visual impression will be cheap and slutty, but also extremely feminine and very seductive.
  • The way you move will be adapted accordingly.
  • You will be a walking embodiment of feminine grace and beauty.
  • Your mind will be limited to the appropriate thoughts (primarily concerning your looks and sex).
  • The way you express yourself, the words you use, the sentences you lump together, will be very simple and reflect your true mindset.
  • You will talk (or rather babble), giggle, act and behave like that shallow, superficial person we expect you to be.
  • You will be perpetually aroused.
  • Being a bimbo is your destiny, an attitude and lifestyle.
  • You will be proud of what you are and what you have achieved.

    Skirts so short, they barely cover the buttocks

    These Are a Few of the Most Important Training Points:

  • dressed like a slut (tight tops, skimpy skirts)
  • high heels
  • long, painted fingernails
  • corset
  • strict orgasm control
  • mind reduction to shallow thoughts
  • get a fair portion of embarrassment
  • plastic surgery (boobs, lips, bum)

    Full lips, full breasts...
    Also a collar suits the bimbo
  • In Brief

    Your purpose of being is...
  • always look provokingly sexy
  • be horny, appear horny and make others horny
  • being reduced to a mindless doll
  • public exposure
  • and of course, please your Master


  • I have experience in online training; see my Training Procedure
  • The trainee gets own web pages (for her eyes only), where I write down everything concerning her training.
  • Everything is negotiable! Just in case you are thrilled by my training, but don't identify yourself with my entire programme.
  • And of course, the trainee may quit any time. That means no risk for you at all!


    Then just drop me a line. I'll gladly tell you more.
    Or it would be great fun just to exchange ideas of our common hobby.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
      Your Master,
            Sir Cult



    * This offer is only valid for women to which these three conditions apply:
       ●  You are female by birth
       ●  You are at least 25 years old
       ●  You are single

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