Guide to Creating a Bimbo

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About Lips

  The lips are a very sensual part of the body. The more this is true for a bimbo, where they must be presented in a way to fire the imagination of the beholder, not to say the admirer. This is basically done in three ways.
  • Improving size and shape of the lips
  • Properly painting the lips
  • Flirting with your lips
  •   It doesn't take much to give your lips an erotic touch.

    Lips Enhancement

    The perfect bimbo has her lips improved. Plastic surgery offers various ways. The most common ones are lip lift, lip augmentation, and lip injections. The goal is to change the shape and/or the volume. In the end, the bimbo has big juicy plump lips, sometimes with a pouty touch. The shape is modified in a way that the lips in their natural position are slightly opened. Usually this can be achieved, when the upper lips are lifted a bit.  
    Nicely shaped lips...
    with that sexy gap in place!

    The effect of full lips on a rather romantic person is that he just wants to kiss them. Others get hard because they can't help imagining those as a dick sheath and want to get an according job.

    Just do watch out that you don't overdo it. It happens much too often that the bimbo in the end doesn't look sexy anymore. The two most frequent mistakes are that the lips as so big they look like the beak of a duck and that the natural gap is exaggerated, perhaps as much as the letter "O".

    Two examples, we don't want our bimbo to look like.
  • The lips on the picture of the left hand side are okay for a fucktoy. But we are into bimbofication, where we want to bring the best out of a woman, make her extremely feminine, even though she might look a bit slutty and cheap.
  • Also the ones to the right are not suitable for a bimbo. She might be a lips fetishist or whatever, but definitely is not a sexy doll.
  • Here are a few pictures of nicely shaped lips.
    Each model has her lips sculptured differently but they all have their own charm.

    Lipstick and Lipgloss

    To be delivered later!

    Flirting with Your Lips

    To be delivered later!

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