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Guide to Creating a Bimbo

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On this page I give you some thoughts about the overall training approach. In general there are two different ways:

  1.   The Big Bang Approach
  2.   The Step by Step Approach

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Big Bang Approach

In the big bang approach, the goal is implemented more or less from the start. What needs extended time (e.g. plastic surgery) is done as quickly as possible. That means that the complete bimbo will be created in a rather short amount of time.

This approach involves some risks, because the measures are implemented much too fast. The trainee doesn't get a chance to adjust. The result might not be what she imagined, and in the worst case is even irreversible. Especially dangerous are situations, where a Dom/sub relation is involved. If her master is irresponsible, she might get a shock for life, when she suddenly is confronted with situations, for which she is not ready yet. I heard of cases, where already on the first day extreme BDSM sessions were performed, followed by hard core sex. For somebody without any experience this is pure torture. This needs no further comments. It is obvious I do not approve such a method.

Leather bitch with much potential for bimbofication  Lederbitch
  Step by Step Approach

I am fond of this approach, where we take a slow pace. Actually, owning a bimbo is fun, but much more fun is the act of creating your own bimbo. The journey is the goal, and once we reach the destination, we start a new journey. This gives both parties much pleasure over a long period of time.

A new situation gives the trainee thrills. These are the great moments, when an additional measure leads to excitement, even though she might be embarrassed at the same time. She fully can savour this, while her master enjoys her felt predicament at the same time.

Already after a rather short time the trainee adjusts to the newly reached state. Then it becomes the new standard, is just routine and nothing special any more. That is time to plan and implement the next step. This way we experience such pleasure over and over, again and again. (It is also a substantial difference to the big bang approach, where - at best - you only get this excitement once.) We want a nearly permanent excitement. This is the spice of life.

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