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... my Bimbofication Training Offer and gives details to the implementation of my programme. In particular, the interested bimbo-to-be now can imagine how I introduce my programme and slowly take control.

The Proceeding

Since every trainee will get an individual programme, according the circumstances and her personality, I just generally outline what I expect from the trainee and how I take control. My programme basically consists of lessons, duties, rules, things to do and competences. It also includes some kind of contract. Once we reach good progress, a commitment of devotion may be added.

Even though e-mail is the primary way of contact, I will compile everything in well-arranged lists. For that I will create own web pages on the Bimbos Paradise site for the trainee's eyes only. Other people can't reach those pages through navigation. Your anonymity is ensured, and there is no need to always browse through old e-mails in order not to forget anything important for your training.


Some kind of contract will be drafted. There the goals of the training are defined, expectations are specified, and the given assurances are documented. You find the rights and duties from both sides. The trainee must confirm that she agrees to the conditions written down; so does the Master.


This is actually the essence of the training. From the beginning, the Master names an area, where he wants the full competence over the trainee. Everything concerning that matter must be done exactly according the specification of the Master; nothing else may be done without permission. With time, more and more competences will be added. In this way, I will - bit by bit - take control over your life.


Rules are defined for general behaviour of the trainee, e.g. how she has to address her Master.


Duties are similar to rules. Though, they more concern information exchange, e.g. when does the Master have to be notified.

To Do List

The to do list consists of open items, which the trainee must complete. They have a deadline, until when the result is expected. They are not repetitive.


Concerning several areas, the trainee will get precise lessons with instructions, what to do and what to practice. This way, we will - step by step - reach the goal for her bimbofication.


From time to time she will be sent into public places, where the primary purpose is to attract attention. It will give the trainee thrills being displayed like in a shop-window. She will enjoy being embarrassed by this public exposure, the open stares or stealthy glances with according whispering. At the same time she will learn her role and feel like the bimbo she really is.


The coronation of the training is the devotion. This is a statement, where the trainee explains that she devotes her existence to the Master and considers herself owned by him. This usually is done, when the bimbo achieved good progress and feels comfortable with the current status. The initial goal is nearly reached.


It is the idea that your bimbo doll training takes place from several months up to a few years. Before we begin though, some things must be prepared; mostly certain items must be bought for the training. A date for the official start of the training will be defined.


How your new Master can be reached read here: Contact

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