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About Fingernails

Only few women can grow their nails to a favourable length. Therefore, it is most likely the nails must be done in an according studio. This fact suits a bimbo well, since it is one of her characteristics that an aura of fake, artificial and plastic is created. Give the acrylic nails preference over gel nails! They look more false, which is a wanted effect. In addition, the bimbo trainee has to attend a salon and suffer the humiliation of the public appearance.

There are five aspects to consider, when it comes to sculpturing the perfect fingernails:
  • Length
  • Shape
  • Coat
  • Colour
  • Gloss
  •     The fingernails are the most beautiful jewellery of a woman.

    These nails are very nice and come close to the ideal.

    Mmmm... I it!

    Fingernail Length

    There is no exact correct nail length. Though, a beginner should start with an exceeding half inch, which is not really long. As the training progresses, the length should be increased to a full inch and perhaps even beyond.

    Fingernail Shape

    Unlike the length, the perfect shape can be defined quite clearly. It is something in-between square and squoval. That means that the corners of the nails are filed like the square type, just slightly rounded there, and the front edge is barely curved, nearly as much as the squoval nail. Such near-square nails, when properly painted, give associations as high femininity, conscious about the looks, eager for attention, and maybe a bit naïve. This is exactly what we expect from our bimbo.

    The basic nail shapes. Of course, everything in-between is possible.

    Fingernail Coat

    For a bimbo, a solid or full coat is wanted. French manicure should be avoided. Also nail art does not fit to a bimbo. We want to create the overall impression of cheap and fake. There, some art is completely out of place, and would draw to wrong attention.

    Fingernail Colour

    Pink polished fingernails
      The fingernails of the bimbo should be painted most of the time. Only short intervals without, where the nail can rest and breath, are allowed. There are not many options for the colour. Always acceptable is the real pure hot red, which can be applied any time. It may also be pink. It is always good, when the nails match to the colour of the lips, which anyway should be a shade of red. An absolute no-go are black, white, beige or grey, and anything else which does not have red as primary colour. And of course, the colour should be lurid, to attract additional attention. Do avoid a pastel-coloured coating!

    Anyway, my favourite nail colour is a neon nail polish, which is so intense it nearly hurts your eyes when looking at it. This is the ultimate eye-catcher, and I cannot imagine anything else that suits better to a bimbo doll, who has the purpose to attract attention. So far, I have seen such nail polishes in orange and pink. Pink is the better choice, but do also get orange for an occasional change!

    Fingernail Gloss

    It is obvious, that the fingernails of the bimbo must be glossy and shiny. A dull coat would just ruin that great effect, we want to achieve. So do use a very shiny top coat of gloss!

    Toe Nails

    Of course, also the toe nails of the bimbo must be painted all of the time. The same colour of the fingernails can be used. It is also allowed, that the toe nails are painted in a bit darker red, something like a cherry red, or perhaps with a slight shade of purple; not too dark though. Do consider, neon nail polish fits better to the fingernails. That is where we primarily want the attention to be drawn. So never paint the toe nails in a more striking colour than the fingernails!

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