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  • Definition

    A bimbo is a woman, who is obsessed with her appearance. As highest priority she is concerned with her looks, in particular clothes and make-up, but also her body. In addition, this is done in a way to be sexually attractive to men. Therefore, every day she spends a lot of time taking care of her hair, her face, her nails and her wardrobe.

    The perfect bimbo does this in an exaggerated manner, preferring an obvious fake and artificial character. The female attributes are well elaborated. Plastic surgery helps her achieving more femininity.

    Even Barbie would be jealous of such a transformation. A bimbo doll has very
    feminine curves.



    First of all, a bimbo exchanges her regular attire and only wears clothing which is anything from erotic to sluttish. Most likely she wears:

  • Skimpy skirts
  • Tight or cleavage revealing tops and dresses
  • High stiletto heeled shoes
  • Make-up

    The make-up of a bimbo is extremely flashy. Even more than the other measures, this irresistibly attracts attention:

  • Bright coloured glossy lips, preferring pink or red
  • Long, painted fingernails with a full coat matching the lips
  • Heavily coloured eyelids
  • Shaped eyebrows
  • Plugged eyelashes; long, dense, black extensions
  • Thick eyeliner
  •   Body Modification

    To enhance her body, the good bimbo is convinced of plastic surgery and other body modification. The most popular shape improvements include:

  • Big juicy lips
  • Oversized breasts
  • Plump butt
  • Small waist (corset training)
  • Mind and Behaviour

    The perfect bimbo is focused on her appearance. Therefore, her mind does not leave much space for other and definitively not profound thoughts. To men in general, a rather na´ve woman arouses his protector instinct. These characteristics favour her attractiveness:

  • Na´ve, immature personality
  • Limited, shallow thoughts
  • Using a simple language (short words, easy structured sentences)
  • Mostly giggling
  • Permanently horny
  • And You...?

    Are you fascinated by the thought of being the perfect bimbo yourself? Perhaps you just don't know how to get started or need some assistance?

    I can help and have an offer for you.
    Read more about my

    The cute girl from next door.
    Bimbo Doll Training Programme  

    Perhaps you are such a girl who expects a bit more fun from life...?

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